Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Current Meta (September 2012 - March 2013) & YCS play

Yes as I discussed last Post, the March 2012 – September 2012 Meta, we will be heading into the Current Meta. A Meta more diverse in the way of Decks at Major Events, even decks that thought to be “Killed off” by previous Meta’s or just plain un-played due to being outclassed, both in Speed and Offense/Defensive play.
There are also the Top Decks from last format which are still around. Even though they took take a hit by the banlist, they are not un-playable just slower paced and more fragile to counter plays.

So let’s look at what’s happened in the Current Meta so far.  To this posts Date there have been several YCS in America and the first ever Sealed Play YCS (held in the UK). All of these events have helped shape the Meta in some way; let’s start with the advanced construct play of a YCS.
You bring a Deck of your choosing, which abides by the Banlist of the format, and play with in several swiss style rounds. Then after the swiss rounds the Top 32 players are announced and get to take place in knock out rounds. After 4 rounds of Knock outs the 2 player left will battle it out for the chance of becoming a YCS Champion.
So as you get to bring a Deck of your choosing most players will try to build a Deck that has topped frequently in the Current Meta, therefore creating a large percentage of the same type of deck. With more of the same deck being run the chance of there being diversity in the Top 16 Rankings gets slimmer at every event.

Looking at the Event Tops from last format an enormous percentage where the big 4 decks of the last format, which includes Wind-Ups, Chaos Dragon, Inzektor and Dino Rabbit. That is about 4 of each deck possibly making the Top 16 Cut.

American Covereage <--- YCS Lima, Peru (April 2012) <--- YCS Dallas, Texas (April 2012) <--- YCS  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (May 2012)

European Coverage

Now looking at the Event tops of the Current Meta you can see the difference instantly, a lot more diversity and more chance for a “Rogue Deck” or a Well Built Deck to top. Looking at the second recent YCS (YCS Indianapolis 2012) you can see that a lot of the decks are different and there are 15 Different Decks that Top 16’d at this Event, that’s nearly half the list being more diverse from the last format.

American Coverage <--- YCS Indianapolis (September 2012) <--- YCS Torronto, Canada (September 2012) <--- YCS Providence, Rhode Island (October 2012)

With all of the different decks running around, its easily going to be one of the best formats in terms of skill. So how do you side at major events for Several different Decks… This leads me to the next Post “Side Deck Options”.

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  1. I look at the decks and notcie that glad beasts aren't up there. It intimidates me. xD